Retrieve the confusion chart data from a single source.

Retrieve the confusion chart data from a single source. A confusion chart consists of the
confusion matrix for all classes, classes frequencies and oneVsAll metrics for all
classes. The confusion matrix can be requested in a particular sort order and orientated
by rows or columns. A subset of the confusion matrix can also be requested in part by
specifying slicing indices. Throughout the following specification, C refers to the
total number of classes in the dataset. The full confusion matrix refers to the confusion
matrix with C classes.

    .. note:: Available for multiclass projects only.

    An example on the meaning of wasActualPercentages and wasPredictedPercentages:
    Let's say we have the following data:
    .. code-block:: js

       classMetrics.classA.wasActualPercentages[0].percentage = 0.56
       classMetrics.classA.wasPredictedPercentages[0].percentage = 0.62
       classA.wasActualPercentages[0].otherClassName = "classB"
       classA.wasPredictedPercentages[0].otherClassName = "classB"

    That means:

    1) "Given that it was actually classA, it predicted classB 56% of the time".
    2) "Given that classA was predicted, it was actually classB 62% of the time".
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