Delete a specified featurelist.

Delete a specified featurelist.
All models using a featurelist, whether as the training featurelist or as a monotonic constraint featurelist, will also be deleted when the deletion is executed and any queued or running jobs using it will be cancelled. Similarly, predictions made on these models will also be deleted. All the entities that are to be deleted with a featurelist are described as "dependencies" of it. When deleting a featurelist with dependencies, users must pass an additional query parameter deleteDependencies to confirm they want to delete the featurelist and all its dependencies. Without that option, only featurelists with no dependencies may be successfully deleted.
Featurelists configured into the project as a default featurelist or as a default monotonic constraint featurelist cannot be deleted.
Featurelists used in a model deployment cannot be deleted until the model deployment is deleted.

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